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Oily Face Remedies

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Oily skin can be difficult to deal with. Excess oil on the outer later of skin can lead to blackheads, white heads, spots and also make your foundation and make-up melt away. However there are advantages – those with oily skin often suffer less as they age with wrinkles, dry patches and can look more youthful as they age. So put your oil-blotting... 

Biker Boots Women How to wear them

Until a couple of years ago the women biker boot had been overlooked by women’s fashion because our trousers didn’t work with it. Since then skinny jeans and trousers tailored to the ankle have become popular and the biker boot for women has become a modern classic.    Read More »

Cocoon Coats How to Wear Them

Video of how to  wear cocoon Coats The egg-shaped silhouette cocoon coat is a fashion classic. It has been out in the cold of fashion for a long time but the cocoon coat finally back this winter.      Read More »

Walking Does It Really Work For Losing Weight?

If you wish to lose weight, you will find that only a small number of ways are there that are easy to follow. Walking is one of such ways. In losing weight, walking is the most effective way to lose weight yet it is the most overlooked exercise too. If you do not follow any exercise schedule, then you cannot expect to lose weight at all. Many simply rely on dieting or the various diet suppressant aids.... 

Exercise at Home in Five Easy Ways

Gyms do have lots of different sets of expensive exercise equipment to help you reach your fitness goals. But there are some great pieces of equipment that provide good ways to exercise at home that do not cost the earth to buy.   If you to stay fit and healthy but don’t like the idea of going to a gym, there are plenty of good ways to exercise at home. When you exercise at home you don’t... 

Purse Types

Women’s bags come in a wide variety of styles and are usually small in size meant to be carried as fashionably as possible and matched with your outfits just as you would with your shoes. Clutch Purse One of the most versatile forms of purse, the clutch purse has a sleek shape and literally derived from the word “clutch” because it is meant to be clutched in your hands. They don’t... 
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