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Make the Most of Your Make-up

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How do you feel about your make-up? Do you experiment with each season’s new colours? Or do you think you still apply your make-up the same way you did 10 years ago?

Many women I meet say the latter. They are almost embarrassed that they don’t know how to wear make-up properly. But, who really teaches us? There was no Make-Up option on the school subjects list! And if our mothers were not make-up wearers, we don’t have them as a make-up role model either.

You will be pleased to know that there are a few basic rules we need in order for us to apply our make-up to help us look our best.


If we wear a full face of make-up or are having just a lipstick day, it is crucial that we wear make-up in the colours which suit our colourings. We need to consider our hair colour, eye colour and skin tone.

Ensuring we are wearing the correct shade of foundation is an easy technique to learn. My experience has shown me that many women test a foundation colour on the back of their hand. Try standing in front of a mirror (wearing no make-up), hold the back of your hand up to the side of your face – is it the same colour? Rarely do we find that it is. So, next time, test foundation at your jaw line, where the lightest part of your skin, the part you need to match against, is found.

The importance of colour extends further than just our foundation. We need to consider the right eye shadows, eye pencils, blushers and lipstick shades. A Make-Up will show you just that; your best make-up colours to suit your colouring.

Eye Shape

Learn how to apply your eye make-up to suit the shape of your eyes. Maybe it will be the use of lighter shades or perhaps the use of eye pencil to enhance your eyes.

If you wear glasses, brighter or softer shades could enhance your eyes depending on whether you are short or long sighted.


Your Make-Up Lesson will also teach you simple, effective techniques for applying all your make-up; from foundation to eye shadows, blusher to lip pencil. The key is being able to recreate the look when you get home and so your Consultant will ensure you are given hints and tips which are simple and which are appropriate for the time you have each day!

Day to Evening

Some of us like to alter our make-up for an evening event or special occasion. During your Make-Up Lesson, your Consultant will show you how to easily and quickly adapt your daytime look to one which is appropriate for an evening.

Most importantly, your make-up should be up-to-date and appropriate. That is appropriate for the workplace, your age and your personality. So, one thing a Make-Up Lesson should not do for you is make you into something you are not.

By Sarah Gray

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