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Biker Boots Women How to wear them

Until a couple of years ago the women biker boot had been overlooked by women’s fashion because our trousers didn’t work with it. Since then skinny jeans and trousers tailored to the ankle have become popular and the biker boot for women has become a modern classic.    Read More »

Cocoon Coats How to Wear Them

Video of how to  wear cocoon Coats The egg-shaped silhouette cocoon coat is a fashion classic. It has been out in the cold of fashion for a long time but the cocoon coat finally back this winter.      Read More »

Purse Types

Women’s bags come in a wide variety of styles and are usually small in size meant to be carried as fashionably as possible and matched with your outfits just as you would with your shoes. Clutch Purse One of the most versatile forms of purse, the clutch purse has a sleek shape and literally derived from the word “clutch” because it is meant to be clutched in your hands. They don’t... 

High Heels and How to Walk in Them

It can be difficult to walk in high heels, here are some tips in how to walk in high heels, below is a great video which will shows you how to pick the correct high heels suited to you and tips in walking in them High Heels and How to Walk in Them Start with a low heel shoe such as a kitten heel or chunky heel and work your way up to a higher heel incrementally. Try a wedge type heel to give you... 

Sandals Smell How to Stop it

In warm weather, wearing sandals will be a great bet to keep your feet cool and comfortable. But it would be much embarrassing if your sandals stink in a crowd. Odour is actually caused by the sweat that gets accumulated in the shoe soles and thus generates odour causing bacteria. Well, here you can find 5 simple tips to avoid stinking smell in your sandals and have a trouble-free walk. Whether you... 
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Save on Clothes

Below are 5 cheap  ways to  save on clothes Save on Clothes Hit the sales If you want to look good on a budget then you need to learn the golden rules of sale shopping. Firstly, always shop off-season; buy swimsuits in the chillier months, a winter coat in the spring. No one else wants them at that time so they are bound to be on the sale rail. Secondly, go for a weekday sale session; weekends... 
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Fashion Tips Scarfs How to Wear Them

We show you over 20  ways to  wear a scarf  and how to  tie them  out this video which has over 20  ways to  wear a scarf you wont be disappointed. To start the video press playand to  learn how to  tie a scarf in over 20  ways all shown in under 5 minutes How to tie a scarf in over 20  ways Learn how the tie a scarf in a number of ways which include The Classic Drape The Modern loop tie The... 
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