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Fashion Tips Scarfs How to Wear Them

modern-loop-scarf-tieWe show you over 20  ways to  wear a scarf  and how to  tie them  out this video which has over 20  ways to  wear a scarf you wont be disappointed.

To start the video press playand to  learn how to  tie a scarf in over 20  ways all shown in under 5 minutes

How to tie a scarf in over 20  ways

Learn how the tie a scarf in a number of ways which include

  • The Classic Drape
  • The Modern loop tie
  • The Bunny Ear
  • The Double Rainbow
  • The Turtleneck
  • The Infinity
  • The Toss
  • The European loop
  • The Basic Loop
  • The Wrap
  • The Mira
  • The Celebrity
  • The Waterfall
  • The Boa
  • The Magic Trick
  • The Fake Knot
  • The X
  • The Key Tie
  • The Braid
  • The Twist and Pull
  • The Hidden Knot
  • The Men’s Tie
  • The DIY Infinity
  • The Decoration
  • And finally the shell roll

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