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Babyliss straightening iron

The Babyliss straightening iron offers professional results to everyone who values great hair. Frizz is the order of the day for most people and getting it off may be hard. With Babyliss range of flat irons, you can easily knock frizz off and keep them off your hair. There are several Babyliss straightening iron models available in the market with different plate sizes meant for different hair volumes. For those who more hair volume, the bigger plate sizes will suffice and those who have smaller volumes, there are smaller plate sizes too.


Babyliss straighteners offer the best experience at straightening. Gone were the days when you had to spend hours at straightening because the hair won’t just be straight. Worse still, despite the fact that it took so long to achieve the straight; the straight won’t still last long. How about spending less time at straightening and carrying the sleek and straight hair for days without have to re-straighten? That is what a Babyliss straightening iron offers you. With the state of the art technology used in the irons, you will never have to worry about damages to your hair due to excessive heat, breakages, loss of volume and frizz. Your hair will daily look sleek and alluring, bringing you all the attention from friends and admirers.


Babyliss straightening iron comes in different designs. The Pro Nano Titanium models feature ceramic coated, titanium treated plates which enhances an even heat distribution through the hair. The titanium particles are embedded into the surface of the places. This ensures that the plates heats up 40% faster than what obtains on ordinary ceramic plates without titanium particles. They also feature digital ionic technology which ensures a more consistent and continuous generation of negative ions which are instrumental to defrizzing the hair and making it easy to style.


The Pro Nano Titanium Babyliss straightening iron models comes with far infra red technology which prevents damage and helps to seal up moisture in the hair shaft. You can use them to style, make waves, curls and super straights too. Presently, there are 1″, 1¼” and 1 ¾” plate sizes available in this category. The bigger plates are for people with longer hair and the smaller plates for people with shorter hair.


Babyliss irons heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and they cool down fast too. The temperatures are adjustable and they come with up to 50 different heat settings. They come with limited 4 year warranty.

Babyliss pro nano titanium Review Video

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