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6 Fun & Unusual Ways to Lose Weight

When you set out to lose weight, most people will tell you to eat right and exercise. But what else can you do to lose weight? Here are some unusual and fun ways to start losing  weight. Cut Your Stress You will Eat Less Many people don’t realize how much stress can affect their weight. Chronic stress releases higher levels of cortisol into your body, making you more hungry. If you’re... 

6 Easy Weight Loss Tips That May of Slipped Your Mind!

With all of the marketing campaigns around various pills, diet drinks and “magic” weight-loss supplements, it is easy to get distracted from the real, fundamental weight-loss methods that have proven themselves over time. Continue reading for a reminder of six weight loss basics that are guaranteed to work if you choose to apply them consistently. Work at it baby! Engage in a steady exercise... 
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