Dating Tips for Women from Men

Dating Tips for Women from Men

If you haven’t been dating for quite some time maybe getting familiar with the new dating rules is what you need. Being successful in dating will only happen if you avoid the most common dating mistakes.

Never talk about your past relationships

Men in general agree that to make your first date work, never talk about your past relationships. Whenever this topic comes up in a conversation, men initially think that you’re not over your ex-boyfriend or husband. If you slip and start speaking badly about your ex, your date might conclude that you’re bitter. Most men try to avoid going out with women who have emotional baggage.

Be Yourself

You have probably heard this before and you will again now. It is important to be yourself when on a date. Don’t try impressing your date with an outrageous personality if it’s not who you are. If you think you are going to hold his interest this way, then you’re wrong. You will only be playing a role that is bound to expire in the near future.

Take Things Slowly

Talking about a future together is something that men don’t want to hear on a date. It would be like placing a trap for them. Most women overlook the importance of taking things slowly. This advice applies even if your date is interested in taking things to the next level. If you are trying to trap him, you will scare him away.

Take Compliments

A woman who radiates confidence knows how to handle compliments. Men are impressed by women who could accept praise with poise. If your date flatters you with good remarks he would appreciate it if you say “thank you”. Do not shy away, but don’t rub it in because he might think that you’re too conceited.

Don’t Be Late

When you have agreed to go on a date, make sure to be there on time. If the guy will pick you up, be sure to be ready when he arrives. Men and women can benefit from this advice. Making your date to wait for you is rude and unattractive. You will end up losing his interest.

Lets Talk

Being a good conversationalist is big turn on for guys. This means that you have to know how to balance talking and listening. Don’t do all the talking, but don’t do all the listening as well. Keep your date engaged on your conversation by opening up topics that he loves to talk about.

Be Positive

Exude positivity. Men would love to be around you if you make them feel good. Avoid talking to your date about your personal complains and you life dramas. This is one of the best dating tips for women over 40 from men. Be the kind of woman who is relaxed and fun to be with.

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