Oily Face Remedies

Oily Face Remedies

Oily skin can be difficult to deal with. Excess oil on the outer later of skin can lead to blackheads, white heads, spots and also make your foundation and make-up melt away. However there are advantages – those with oily skin often suffer less as they age with wrinkles, dry patches and can look more youthful as they age. So put your oil-blotting sheets away and learn to balance your oily skin.

Oily Face Remedies Cleanse:

You need to cleanse oily skin but you need to be careful not to use harsh products, that will strip your skin of all oil as this will just increase the oil production – which is the last thing you want! Find a gentle cleanser specifically made for oily skin and cleanse both morning and night.

Oily Face Remedies Tone

Use a good gentle cleanser specifically designed for oily skin, but only on the areas that are oily – as they can dry other parts of the face. Be sure to avoid the eye area as toners are too harsh for this part of the face.

Oily Face Remedies Moisturise

Oily skin does need moisture, but you will need to find a good quality moisturiser specially designed for oily skin. Serums are great for this as they will hydrate the skin on a cellular level and are not too heavy, then add a light moisturiser that will not upset your skins balance.

Oily Face Remedies Masks

Applying a good quality clay mask once a week to the oily areas, as they draw out oils and cleanse pores. Never let the mask become too dry – but remove as soon as the mask is drying out with cool water and cotton wool. Never scrub the mask off but keep applying water until it loosens.

Oily Face Remedies Exfoliate

Again this is only needed to be done once a week to help loosen and remove dirt from the pores.

Oily Face Remedies Diet

Improve your diet with fresh fruit and vegetables, and cut back on sugary, processed foods. This will help improve the quality and tone of your skin and reduce the excess oil production

Oily Face Remedies Yogurt

Yogurt contains lactic acid which helps in cleaning the skin without disturbing the natural oil or drying the skin, so try putting some yogurt on your cotton pad to cleanse your skin.

Oily Face Remedies Coconut milk

Coconut milk contain various minerals and also keeps your skin moisturised without drying it out.

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