Purse Types

Purse Types

Women’s bags come in a wide variety of styles and are usually small in size meant to be carried as fashionably as possible and matched with your outfits just as you would with your shoes.

Clutch Purse

One of the most versatile forms of purse, the clutch purse has a sleek shape and literally derived from the word “clutch” because it is meant to be clutched in your hands. They don’t hold to many things and it is assumed that you carry few little items just your essentials like a lipstick, tissue or handkerchief, perfume in a small bottle etc. The clutch purse come in a wide variety of designs with intricate detailing. The most popular colours are silver and golden and black or beige. These neutral colours can be made to match with any outfit and clutch bags are a shape and style which can be worn with many different types of outfits. Clutch purses are available in leather, faux leather and even special brocade fabrics for a fancier look, or in sequins, beaded work.

Small sling purses

For day outings when you would want to carry something fashionable along with you, side sling purses are a great option. They are available in different colours and materials like suede, leather, faux leather etc. just like one would find with larger sling bags or handbags. These purses hold more things than regular clutches and are slung across the shoulder or carried on one side. They are great for day time use along with matching tops for days out with friends etc. These bags can be found in bright colours and one can use them like an accessory to add a pop of colour to one’s plain outfit. Colour coordinated properly, they can look very trendy and fashionable.

Accessorising is a very important part of dressing up fashionably. Choosing the right accessories can completely change the look of your outfit. Shoes, jewellery, scarves and women’s bags are some basic accessories that you match with your outfit for the perfect look. Colour-coordinate them or use the colour blocking technique and add some fun element to your otherwise simple outfit with the right kinds of bags for women. Online shopping for women’s clothing and bags for women are the best way to get the right picks with ease.

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