Save on Clothes

Save on Clothes

Below are 5 cheap  ways to  save on clothes

Save on Clothes Hit the sales

If you want to look good on a budget then you need to learn the golden rules of sale shopping. Firstly, always shop off-season; buy swimsuits in the chillier months, a winter coat in the spring.

No one else wants them at that time so they are bound to be on the sale rail. Secondly, go for a weekday sale session; weekends are often just too busy and the best bits are snapped up very quickly. Come Thursday and Friday the shops will be fully stocked up on bargains but nowhere near as packed with people and you can browse at leisure.

And finally, don’t buy trends or fads; go for staples and think price per wear.

Save on Clothes Wear it well

If pennies are tight then accessories are your friend. That classic black dress you have at the back of your wardrobe can be instantly transformed with a statement necklace. An Alice band or headscarves also work wonders when creating a new look.

Save on Clothes Stick to a budget

Most shopping website offer a ‘sort by price’ option, so make sure you use it. Sort from lowest to highest price and set yourself a limit. That way there’s no chance of you coming across your dream frock and then realising it costs a month’s salary.

Save on Clothes Catwalk copies

Keeping one eye on the catwalks is always worthwhile. If you see a trend emerging then you can get your hands on the staples before they become hot, and much more expensive, property. It also means you can shop around for convincing copycat styles for a fraction of the price.

Save on Clothes Swap and sew

Get crafty and add finishing touches to your clothing. Try getting yourself a plain pair of black pumps and then scour the auction sites for a pair of vintage rhinestone brooches. Attach them to your new shoes and viola; you have something unique and chic.

Or if you want a whole new look without the DIY aspect you could try a clothes swap party. Head along with some of your unwanted items and in return swap for some ‘new to you’ bits and pieces.

There’s always a way to save a few pounds when it comes to clothes shopping. A quick internet search for a voucher code is always a good idea. Magazines and websites often run promotions and a search might reveal a handy 20 per cent off or free delivery.

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