Walking Does It Really Work For Losing Weight?

Walking Does It Really Work For Losing Weight?

If you wish to lose weight, you will find that only a small number of ways are there that are easy to follow. Walking is one of such ways. In losing weight, walking is the most effective way to lose weight yet it is the most overlooked exercise too. If you do not follow any exercise schedule, then you cannot expect to lose weight at all. Many simply rely on dieting or the various diet suppressant aids. Exercise needs proper time management and in today’s hectic life it is very difficult to fit into a regular exercise plan. Fitness trackers can help with this

You must understand the importance of burning body fat and lose the extra calories in a weight loss program. Nothing can be a better means to burn these extra calories than a proper exercise regime. It is the most effective way to lose weight. We bring to you few steps to lose weight simply by walking.

Walking is one form of exercise that does not require you to go to any gym or buy expensive fitness machines. It needs not more than thirty minutes of your day. All you need to do is to take out these thirty minutes from your busy schedule and walk. If you cannot go outside all the times then you can do this on the treadmill also. Many people find the idea of going for a walk very boring. So what they can do is plan it with your friends or take an ipod or cd player with you. It is best if you can do this on all the days of the week. However, even walking for four to five days a week is also not bad.


If you opt to use a treadmill for walking, it is even better. Walking on a treadmill is much more effective than walking on the ground as it burns more calories for the same duration of walking. You can also combine both which means that for some days you can go out for a walk and for some days you can walk on the treadmill. A twenty minute run on the treadmill for two to four times a week is enough to give you immediate results.

What to look for in a treadmill


Jogging outside is also another option and is more effective than both normal walking and treadmill running. It is best if you can do all these three exercises every week.

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